The only thing I’ve been writing lately is the dog show. Which is fine, because I really like the dog show. Which is good, because it’s only a week away and I have to work every day to be ready for it. And that part of the equation is a little tiring.

So what have I been doing while not writing?

Thinking hard about some new projects. I should say “new”, because one of them (“7S”) is 45,000 words strong right now. The other (“AW”) is just roughly outlined. And the next one (“FB1”) is only the vaguest jumble of characters and circumstances.

Having books lined up for future writing gives me the most wonderful, peaceful feeling. It’s kind of like coming home from running errands on a rainy day and having a really excellent book that you’re excited to read, just waiting for you. Only different. But seriously, there’s something about it — it’s the opposite of a lonely feeling, but it’s about writing. And the best part is that the ideas shuffle themselves around, and maybe at some point I’ll come up with a strong idea that bumps one from the “Longform – Front Burner” folder to the “Longform – Back Burner” folder, which I think just happened last week with a new idea (the vague jumbly one). I feel like I can go somewhere with it. So I think I’m bumping my old number four (“TR”) to the back burner, which is cool, because it’s a little looser storyline, and it can simmer back there for a couple of years.


1. Updating my website. Finally a design that doesn’t make the husb run out of the room gagging. For the first time ever.

2. Going out to dinner with friends and coming up with awesome new book ideas such as “Details B. Chapman” and “Dave’s Bird-Dad Hike”. Also threatening waiters with bodily harm if they touch my wine, and trying in my way to control the husb’s behavior, and failing. And reminiscing with said friends about things that happened 8 years ago and realizing that we share all of the exact same memories. Which is a little creepy. Also, talking about Bonobos.

3. Working on the dog show (SURPRISE!).

I didn’t go shopping yesterday, Black Friday, but it refreshes some old toy store employee memories. I had such a good time working there during the holidays! What a wonderful group of people that was. What ancient history.

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